Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Ahead

To be honest, I like Daylight Savings Time. I like that we have an extra hour of daylight in the afternoons. That means that Soph and I have plenty of time to take a walk or play outside after work, quite the contrary to how it's been for the past few months. Plus, that means we're one step closer to spring and much warmer weather.

However. Last night and this morning were a struggle. I wasn't feeling that great last night, but despite that, I laid there and laid there and laid there even longer. I even turned off my TV and put down my phone to lose the distractions. But I could not fall asleep, which is normally not a problem. Then, in the reverse this morning, I did not want to wake up. My alarm went off at 7, around the usual time, but it was still pretty dark, so what did that mean? I snoozed. And snoozed. And snoozed again. Which apparently is really bad for your sleeping habits. I finally dragged myself out of bed closer to the 8am mark, which I never do. So, to say I'm dragging this morning might be an understatement. Plus, my coffee wasn't too great today, which means one sleepy me.

But, on the positive, I really am thankful for this extra hour of daylight. Already, I'm in a pretty good mood because of the beautiful weather we have forecasted for the week. Paired with the knowledge that Soph and I will be spending our fair share of time outside, it's going to be a pretty good week.

Plus, SW and I had a great weekend. We enjoyed seeing one of his high school friends get married, and we were able to spend some time with his family, including his sister and niece who were in town for the weekend, too.

dress: Jessica Simpson, shoes: Steve Madden (old), necklace: similar

Happy Daylight Savings Time, lovelies. Drink up that coffee!
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