Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Colder Weather

It snowed last night! In North November...and in the south, we get a little excited about that. Granted, it didn't stick, but nonetheless, it was fun to see a few snow flurries last night.

Though there's no snow on the ground, it is certainly a lot colder here! With temperatures in the 20s for the work commute, you certainly need to bundle up. Here are a few winter essentials.

Colder Weather

Stay warm!



  1. I love #6 and don't think I have enough cute coats so I mayyyyy have to add this to the Christmas list!

  2. Loving the hot pink!!!!! So pretty! I'm wearing a hot pink hooded sweatshirt today...totally not as cute!!! xx

  3. I was shocked when I got up yesterday morning, and it was a good 20 degrees colder! The pink peacoat is too cute! And I love the Burberry jacket too!



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