Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Going Green: Chair DIY

I ordered a desk a few weeks back but didn't want to get the accompanied desk chair. I was picturing something else -- something with fabric. My mom found this chair for $3 by accident; she just happened upon it -- crazy, huh? I thought it was a typo when she texted me a picture of it and that it was only $3. Over the weekend, we changed its appearance a little bit -- definitely more presentable in my opinion. It is actually a dining chair, but with a new coat of paint and some reupholstering, it's a perfect addition to my apartment.

Though a nice chair, it was not in the best condition.

I found this fun fabric from Joanne's -- perfect for my little work space. My mom recovered the while I painted.

We used Valspar Primer + Paint in an off-white. I used about 3 coats all together. 

Spray painting process

After painting

I absolutely love the fabric! It's such a fun print that will mesh nicely with what is already in my living room.

The final product!

Loved doing a quick and easy DIY with my sweet mom!
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