Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Finds

After a long week, I had a much needed break at home spending time with my family, which I absolutely loved! We had a great engagement party for my cousin who is getting married next year, and you can find my style details here.

All I've been wanting to do lately is shop (imagine that) so I also picked up (and splurged on) a few things, too -- I feel like my wants are endless! Check out the weekend's finds.

iPhone 5s -- I was one of those people that got the new iPhone on Friday (I know, I know). But I'm definitely glad I did! I still had the 4s, so I was ready for an upgrade -- and especially a new phone camera!

Dior Forever Makeup -- I went to the mall to do a little shopping Saturday morning, and while there, I realized I was in need of new makeup. I'm not a one-brand makeup girl, but I headed over to Clinique because that is the foundation brand that I used the last time. I was all set up to pay when the makeup artist said she wanted to try a makeup on me (enter Dior). So, next thing you know, I'm leaving with a new kind of makeup -- and I'm definitely hooked! I would recommend it any day!

Hunter Boots -- my mom graciously bought me a pair of Hunter boots this weekend! I love Monkee's (an adorable boutique that you need to check out if you haven't already), and I have been wanting some Hunters. I chose black because they are so versatile! But visiting Monkee's did not help my "wants list."

Pink Smoothie -- I desperately needed manicure help, so I was off to the salon to fix the problem. I chose "pink smoothie," which is a great choice if you want a neutral mani with a hint of color. I'm normally an OPI Bubble Bath fan, but I would definitely do this polish again.

I'm definitely having a case of the Monday blues because my weekend was so great! But it's off to a busy work week -- and then my sweet mom and grandmother are coming to stay this coming weekend!

Happy Monday!


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