Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet the Beau's official. My fall wish list keeps growing and growing. If I keep this up, we are going to have some serious problems. What's being added to the list? Kate Spade's 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag. I can hear many people saying now that I don't need another bag, but isn't this one fabulous?

Meet Beau

If you want to add the Beau Bag to your collection, be prepared to splurge. It rings in at $498. And if you want the leopard/neutral combo, you might want to add a few dollars to that -- $500 to be exact. At $998, this bag doesn't disappoint. It is handcrafted with Italian cow hide. But don't thing the cheaper version is going to leave you hanging. This bag is also handcrafted to perfection. Don't forget about the clutch either! Available in the snapdragon/maraschino combo, it will definitely add pizzazz to any look.

Though I certainly wouldn't turn any of these down, I would opt for the macchiato/black combo.

Which one belongs in your closet?

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