Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fab Finds

Last night, I ventured over to Home Goods to explore a little bit. It really was unintentional, but I ended up there, picked up a new water bowl for Sophie at the office and a little picture frame for the apartment and intended to head on my way. That's not what happened. 
The reason? I saw these plates...

During the summer, my grandmother and I would venture around town and just do a little shopping. We were at T.J.Maxx one day when I saw these gorgeous peacock plates, but I didn't get them. A few days later, I thought I had to have them, but much my dismay, they were already gone. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw these beauties staring at me . . . they aren't the exact same but I still thought they were adorable and something fun to add to my apartment. 

But, the fun didn't stop there. I'm pretty sure I could have filled my car up with things I loved in the store last night, but I settled with this. This picture is so different and fun, a great addition to a twenty-something's apartment. It is bright and colorful and will work great with what I already have. Up close, the picture looks as though it's been made with tiny little magazine clippings. I loved that it was different, so home with me it went.

I still don't have a place for this yet -- I'm slightly OCD about my decorating and want to know exactly what I'm doing before I hang it. But hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have my entire apartment finished (for now). I have some great ideas up my sleeve -- and Home Goods will certainly be helping me out with that!

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