Friday, July 23, 2021

Newborn Baby Favorites

We are two months in with our sweet Virginia Parker and we have certainly found some must-haves that we use on a daily basis! When I was registering for baby items, the process was so overwhelming because I knew there was a good chance that there would be certain things that worked and didn't work for us. Sure enough, there were some "must-haves" that we don't use that much and some other items that ended up surprising us. 
  • Swaddles - when we first brought VP home, we opted for the coveted Ollie swaddle. One night, it was in the laundry room so we decided to give our Halo swaddle a try and that has now become our favorite! While the Ollie was perfect for the first few weeks, I like that the Halo also doubles as a sleep sack and she can continue to use it. 
  • Bottles - I would highly recommend getting a bottle sampler through Babylist. I honestly thought Dr. Brown's was going to be our favorite but we found that she spit up more frequently with those. We are lucky that she will take just about any bottle we've offered, so we tried each bottle in the pack and the Comotomo and Herobility bottles have ended up being our favorite! I had never heard of either so I'm glad we gave the pack a try. 
  • Pacifiers - There are so many pacifiers out there to choose from. She was given a paci in the NICU, so for the first few days home, we continued to offer her that one. One night, I was going through her things and pulled out the MAM newborn pacis - since then, that is her number one choice! We've offered a few others but she only tends to want that one and we definitely have them scattered around the house and in our diaper bag. 
  • Pajamas - Stephen and I both love the Magnetic Me pajamas. We have some amazing gowns by Angel Dear and Kissy Kissy that she wore when she first came home, but we've found that she sleeps the best in the Magnetic Me and they are also a game-changer for those middle of the night diaper changes. We prefer the modal over the cotton. 
  • Stroller & Car Seat - We are really enjoying our car seat and stroller combo! The Pipa Lite attaches seamlessly to the Tavo stroller with no attachments which is perfect for her current size. The only thing I wish the stroller offered was a parent-facing seat option without having to use the car seat. Other than that, we have loved it! We also rarely go anywhere without her stroller fan! It was a baby shower gift that I took with me to the hospital and it was perfect for labor as well. Since it's summertime, we take it with us every time we leave the house - just in case!
  • Loungers - We have absolutely loved the Dock-a-Tot, Boppy Lounger, and Fisher Price Bouncy Seat. We use each of them daily!
  • Blankets & Swaddles - When we're headed out, I always grab our buggy blanket from Beaufort Bonnet. We also really love the Copper Pearl swaddles - we use just as blankets!

Other Favorites:
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