Friday, June 11, 2021

Hospital Bag Essentials

I've been asked frequently what my most-used items were in our hospital bag! You can check out everything I packed on this post but there were certainly some things I used much more than others (and some none at at all!). 
  • Stroller Fan - one of my friends gave us this fan for our stroller but I am so glad I took it to the hospital. I used it during labor especially at the end because I was so nauseous. 
  • Rubber Flip Flops - I had these Tory Burch rubber flip flops that I wear to the beach that I tossed in my bag. I'm glad I had them for the shower!
  • Chapstick - So many people recommended chapstick and I used it so much. It sat on the side table so I could reach it at all times! I'm a huge fan of the Rosebud Salve. 
  • Nipple Butter - Another item I'm glad I had! While I wasn't nursing, I started pumping right away while baby was in the NICU and it definitely came in handy.
  • Night Light - this light was so convenient to have in the middle of the night when nurses would come in to check on us or if I needed to pump. It's now on my bedside table and is very convenient for getting up with baby. 
  • Bedroom Slippers - I didn't think I would wear these that much but I actually did every time I got out of bed!
  • Nightgown - I'd highly recommend a loose button front nightgown! This one is from Target. I packed a set of shorts PJs but never wore them. I had this robe too and wore it almost every day. 
  • Depends - These came so recommended and I'm so glad I had them in my hospital bag. I didn't like the mesh underwear that the hospital provided so I opted for the Depends instead! It was something I would have never thought about so I'm glad friends recommended!
  • Long Phone Cord - I was on my phone quite a bit especially in the early parts of labor as I couldn't sleep and watched a movie. Having a long cord that reached the bed was convenient!
  • Pumping Bra - I didn't pack one so one of my sweet L&D nurses made me a makeshift one but it would have been convenient to have a pumping bra! I had no idea I would even be pumping in the hospital so it just didn't cross my mind to pack it. 
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