Thursday, October 24, 2019

Painting Our Oak Bathroom Vanity

After a few years of living in our home, we finally updated our master vanities! Our house has a lot of oak - I mean, a lot. From the trim to the doors to several vanities, it's everywhere. I had a feeling that a coat of paint would do so much for our bathroom but I had no idea how much more it would make me enjoy being in there!

My husband and I each have separate vanities across from each other, which meant two separate painting projects. I tackled the sanding, painting, and door re-installation and let him handle adding all of the hardware! I've gotten all kinds of questions about the process, so dive in!

What color did you use?
Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams 

Where is the hardware from?
Etsy! I looked long and hard on Pinterest to figure out exactly the look I was going for. I fell in love with the look of lucite pulls and this shop has a great selection for a good price. 

What kind of paint did you use?
Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in a satin finish. This is a paint and primer in one so I skipped the extra step of priming cabinets. 

How many coats did you do?
Three coats!


  • 2" paint roller
  • Painter's tape
  • Sanding blocks or electric sander
  • Lint free cloth
  • Cleaning solution

Step by Step Process:

  1. Remove cabinet doors
  2. Label doors with numbers - I did not do this and wish that I had!
  3. Sand vanity frame and doors - I purchased a few sander blocks from Sherwin Williams on recommendation from the staff there. Next time, I would probably use an electric hand sander.
  4. Use painting tape to cover any areas you don't want paint - I covered the floor just under the vanities, the area '
  5. Clean all areas - I used Simple Green (purchased from paint store) to scrub down every area that was to be painted. 
  6. Paint & Sand - One thing I did that I never would've thought to was lightly sand between each coat. After each coat dried, I would lightly brush the sander over to smooth out the surfaces and then wipe the area down with a clean lint-free cloth with just a touch of the Simple Green. 
  7. Re-install cabinet doors
  8. Add hardware 

I also took this time to update our vanity spaces - I tended to always have some kind of clutter but with the addition of a tray on both mine and Stephen's, I've created an area that I enjoy keeping clean and organized.  I love Capri Blue candles, so I've repurposed them to hold Q-tips and cotton balls. I snagged a cute little soap dish from a store in Williamsburg to hold my charcoal bar and this little sugar dish (other options here) holds my Invisalign. I also purchased some gorgeous little hand towels from Etsy and love the custom monogram the shop created!
I was so excited to dive in that I didn't take very good before photos - but the junkier the before photo, the better, right? We still have some oak in our bathroom that we'd like to paint but for now the vanities have made such an improvement.

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