Monday, October 21, 2019

"Bed in a Box" Mattress Review

We've had our bed in a box from Zinus for just over two months! I've always wondered how mattresses like these would turn out for the long term for both sound sleep as well as durability. The highlight: we've enjoyed it so far. The lowdown: we're not sure how long it will last us.

I spent a lot of time scouring the internet, polling readers, and reading reviews to find a mattress that could potentially work for us. Both Stephen and I prefer a firm bed and while there was nothing wrong with either of our mattresses (we each "brought" a queen bed into our marriage), we were ready to upgrade to a king size. I have also suffered from years of back and neck pain, so finding a good mattress was imperative for me. After a ton of research, I landed on the Zinus brand and we purchased the Pressure Relief Euro Top iCoil Hybrid Mattress

The pros:
  • Timeframe of shipment - it was at our door in under 7 days from the time we ordered. 
  • Easy delivery - we didn't have to worry about meeting a mattress company at home to get it inside. It just came with regular package delivery. 
  • Inexpensive - for a king size mattress, I was shocked at the price. 
  • 100-Day Trial - I liked that we had this option to give the mattress a try. I will point out that many companies do offer a trial period.
The cons:
  • Mattress stability - this is our biggest concern with our mattress and I'll dive into that below!
Our mattress arrived, we set up our new bed frame and headboard, purchased box springs and voila - our mattress was ready to go! It was a fairly easy transition. For the first month, all was wonderful! While the mattress was more firm than I was used to, I  transitioned pretty easily and Stephen was loving it. 

Flash forward another month, however, and we've noticed that the mattress is starting to sink and sag a bit in the areas we where we sleep. At first, you you could barely notice until lying down but it's now become a more visual issue as well. It's not hindering sleep currently but our concern is that within 6 months time, we'll have a fairly new mattress that is starting to sink in and we'll be on the hunt for something new. 

The conclusion:
We're really not sure. Both of us our sleeping pretty well with our mattress and surface level, we really do love it. Our issue is projecting what it will be like 6 more months down the road. While we're enjoying it for now, we're almost thinking we'd prefer to return this one and invest in something that will last us a bit longer. So stay tuned on what we decide!

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