Monday, August 12, 2019

Style Diaries: What I Packed for Sonoma

Just like any trip, I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what I wanted to pack for California. The hardest thing about packing for Sonoma was that it was in the high 80s during the day but in the 50s at night, which for us Carolina girls, is quite chilly! I found that layers worked the best and I ended up packing pieces that did double-duty throughout the trip - I wore my denim jacket more in 5 days than I have in 6 months!
Travel Day:
  • Distressed Denim - These jeans (now out of stock) are oldies but goodies so they're super comfortable, even when on a plane for 5 hours. I also have these and they are just as comfy. 
  • Tunic Tee - I've had this long tee for years and it always comes in handy when I travel. Similar here
  • Slip-On Sneakers - I ordered several pairs of Dr. Scholl's slip on sneakers from Zappos and ended up with these! They are very comfy and perfect for a day when you're doing a lot of walking.
  • Dolman Sleeve Cardigan - This sweater was so cozy for traveling! The short sleeves will also be perfect as we transition into fall since it stays warm here well into the season. 
Golden Gate Bridge:
  • Longline Cardi - Thank goodness we could get into our suitcases because it was very cold when we got to the bridge! I swapped my short-sleeve dolman for a full length longline cardigan
  • Travel Wrap - I bought this wrap back in April when we were doing events for the North Carolina Azalea Festival as it was sometimes chilly and I've used it so much since then. I used it as a blanket on the plane and then as a scarf for the Golden Gate and while in the Redwoods. I'm going to purchase it in camel as well!

Night One Dinner
  • Off-Shoulder Sweater - I am in love with this off-shoulder sweater! Such a fun piece to transition into fall. It was perfect to pair with my shorts. 
  • Snake Shorts - these shorts are some of my very favorite from the shop! I've worn them so many times since I got them and they are now sold out. I did find these online and they are such a steal!
  • DV Wedges - I ordered these right before we left and I'm so glad I did. I know I'll wear them so much throughout the season.

Day 2 - Bike Tour

  • Snake Shorts on repeat - similar here
  • Birthday Tee - we were celebrating two fun birthdays while on the trip
  • Denim Jacket - I wore this jacket so much! Mine is from a year or two ago but is virtually the same as this one!

Day 3 - Wineries & Dinner
This was probably my favorite look of the trip! I found the bodysuit a few weeks before I found the skirt but ended up loving this ensemble and can't wait to wear it again. 
  • Bodysuit - I never knew I could be as much of a fan of a bodysuit as I am, but I definitely am here for it! The sizing is interesting on this one - I ordered a medium because I was worried a small would be too tight due to the thickness of the material. That being said, it felt a little long but I kept it anyway.
  • Floral Skirt - I am in love with this skirt! We have a few events coming up in the next few weeks so don't be surprised if this makes an appearance. 

Day 4 - Croquet 

Day 4 - Winery & Dinner

  • Dress - I ordered this dress over the summer and when I was packing, knew it could be a perfect option for one of our days! I got the most compliments on it and it's so easy and comfortable. 
Tips for packing for California:
  • Pack layers - the weather was quite different first thing in the morning vs. noon vs. dinner time. My denim jacket and wrap came in handy throughout the entire trip and I used both of them daily.
  • Comfy shoes - I'm still having a hard time finding the best shoes for both style and comfort but having a pair to travel in for long airport distances or for doing activities like the Golden Gate Bridge is ideal!
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