Monday, August 26, 2019

Bathroom Update Vision Board

If you follow along on Instagram, you've probably seen that we've been working on a few updates to our bathroom! We have a setup that works nicely in our master bath, but some of the features are dated. While our light fixtures over the vanity mirrors were just recently replaced, I was wanting to do some other cosmetic updates to liven up the space! In a dream world, we would give the bathroom a complete overhaul, but I'm hoping some of these updates will transform our bath.

Short term goals:
  • Paint vanity cabinets
  • Add hardware
Long term goals:
  • Paint trim
  • Add flushmount fixture
  • Add framing around mirrors

Over the weekend, I got started on some of our short term goals by painting the cabinets! I'm going to share more about this process once we get things more settled, but I did end up going with Light French Gray as the color. I think I could've even gone with a darker grey, but I do think this color is beautiful! We are now working on adding our new hardware but had to put the drawers on hold to get longer screws based on how our drawers are put together. 

One thing I would love to do to pull the room together is to add this flush-mount fixture! I love the look of capiz and think adding in this floral fixture would tie the room together. We don't have the headspace in the bathroom to add a chandelier so a flushmount will help update without taking up too much room.

I've spent so much time on Pinterest reading about bathroom updates so I'm hoping that our vision will come to life!

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