Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fave Mani Colors

There's something about a fresh manicure that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, am I right?! I used to only get neutral colors, like Bubble Bath (which is still a great color IMO), but over the last year, I've enjoyed switching things up a bit! Let's start with the photo above! If you want a neutral that's a little bit darker than Bubble Bath, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around may be your new go-to. Check out a few more of my favorites below.
Wedding Day - for my wedding day, I always assumed I'd go with Bubble Bath because it is a wonderful neutral. But I came across Mod About You and it was the perfect light pink that added a little personality to a traditional neutral manicure!
Valentine's Day - I never get nail art, but I couldn't resist adding a cute little pink heart to my nails for the month of love.
Summertime is calling me - My favorite summer? Hot pink! My go-to color is from OPI's Fiji Collection - Two Timing the Zones. 
The perfect neutral - when fall rolled around, I was ready for a change from hot pink, so I mentioned to my manicurist that I was looking for something kind of grey, kind of pink, kind of purple, kind of white. He nailed it with OPI's Frenchie Likes to Kiss. 
Emerald vibes - When it comes to a manicure, I normally don't go for colors that aren't in the pink, red, neutral tones, but this year, I was ready to switch tings up! I opted for Amazon-Amazoff for something different for fall.
Blue For You - A blue mani for this gal? Never, would've been the answer a few years ago. But this color has be sold. Less is Norse is a color I always receive compliments on. 
Cherry Cola - How gorgeous is this rich raspberry color? It was part of OPI's CocaCola collection and it's one I'm keeping in my mani favorites because I love the hue! The color? Get Cherried Away.
Green with envy - Similar to my other green manicure, I chose this one for Christmas instead of a traditional red and I love how it turned out. This color is OPI's Is There a Spear In Your Pocket.
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