Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Styling a China Cabinet

In a world of gorgeous modern furniture, traditional china cabinets are often a thing of the past. But from the time we started receiving our wedding gifts, I knew I wanted a piece that showcased some of those things. I'm sure there are a million different ways to showcase your china cabinet, but for me, I had a few priorities: storage for those items not always used; display for our pretty pieces that I wanted to see without cluttering up our counters; and protection for all of those breakables! 

When we registered for our wedding, we opted to do mix-and-match china vs. a full set of fine and everyday dishes. For us, it was what made the most sense as I love switching out things for the holidays and various seasons. We ended up going with a fine china (the Raynaud Argent White from The Fisherman's Wife) as our every day dinner plate, and I still love them when I heat up a piece of pizza on them as I did the first night I cooked in our home as a married couple. 

We have a fun Vietri Christmas pattern that we'll be breaking out soon, but for now, our china cabinet holds a few of our dinner plates that aren't regularly used, this fun accent plate, and these adorable little bread and butter plates! I think the Anna Weatherley plates are some of our favorites despite the fact that we rarely use them. 

We purchased our cabinet from Stephen's great uncle, and for us, it's a treasure as it's a traditional piece that we know has held a lot of memories. For most of the last year, it's held our items, but not quite the way I wanted. Then, in preparation of Hurricane Florence, I moved a lot of our items out as it's near a wall of windows and we weren't sure what the storm would bring. I finally decided a few weeks ago that it was time to get everything in order, and it has made such a difference in how that area feels now that it has a more styled affect. 

We keep most of our dinner plates in our kitchen cabinets, but the rest are displayed here along with our Vietri chargers, champagne flutes, and other special pieces. In the cabinets below, I keep our larger serving pieces, napkins, and seasonal items. I also just snagged a gorgeous new piece of oyster art from Airlie Moon, so once I have that framed, I'll add that to my display as well. 

One thing that has helped our display is these little acrylic stands. They're great for dishes (I can fit all three plates in one stand) but would be great stands for other things in your home as well. I like that the acrylic blends into the dishes instead of adding a clunky affect. 

What's funny about our china cabinet is what people see when they come in our home. For most, it's just a cabinet filled with plates. And that's true - but it's also a cabinet full of memories: our first married dinner at home, a hand-calligraphy keepsake, a hand-painted ornament of our beloved Sophie, our champagne flutes that we toasted at our wedding, and gifts from those who helped us celebrate. 

I've seen a million gorgeous china displays - on book shelves, in glass door cabinets, etc. Do you collect china? Do you have your pieces on display? I'd love to see how you style yours!

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