Sunday, August 5, 2018

Anniversary Staycation + Couples' Q+A

Stephen and I are so excited to have celebrated our first wedding anniversary! It honestly seems like we just got married three weeks ago - we've crammed so much into this first year of married life, but at the same time, it has just flown by so quickly.

We've been on the go so much lately - I just got back from Key West, he is heading to ATL for a bachelor trip, I'm going to Charlottesville for a bach trip later this month, then NYC for market in September, and then to the Outer Banks for a week-long vacation/wedding for one of my best friends! We've been entertaining an anniversary trip for the last few months and even contemplated planning one last week, but we both decided decided that with all of our travels, we would love nothing more than a staycation. 

We decided to head to the beach house for the weekend, and we had the best time just the two of us! I think we've eaten more over the weekend than we should have in a week, but we did love spending time together at some of our favorite places. We started our weekend off with a casual dinner at Po's at Wrightsville Beach, and Saturday included bagels from our fave bagel joint + a long walk around the loop. Dinner at Port Land Grille was absolutely amazing, and we finished off our eating with brunch at Boca Bay. We spent the rest of Sunday (our actual anniversary) with another great walk, take-out dinner, and the tradition of cutting into the top layer of our wedding cake!

We did keep our original top layer, but let me tell you - it was a disaster! We ordered another cute little one that looked identical, and while we cut into the original and took a bite, we definitely went with the new for a real piece of cake!

It's safe to say it's been such a fun weekend - this weekend spent here in town is such a good reminder that you don't always have to be on the go to enjoy time together. We're planning on taking a fun trip later in the fall or maybe in the winter - but for now, our staycation was the perfect relaxation we needed!
As we celebrate our 1st anniversary, I thought I'd share a fun little Q+A! Some of the questions are incredibly random, some relate to marriage, but just keep reading to see what we had to say!

What has been your favorite thing about our first year of marriage?
Stephen: Getting to enjoy our relationship every day and find new ways to live our lives with one another as we grow together.
Zelle: I love that we come home to each other each day! For years, we lived in different towns, and seeing each other always required a plan. Now, I know that at the end of each day, we'll be in our little home and I absolutely love that.

What advice would you give to newlyweds?
Stephen: I’ve heard plenty of times that to be happy, the man has to say “yes dear.” But more important than that is to be truthful with one another every day because the other person probably feels the same way deep down. 
Zelle: Be quick to listen and slow to judge! Be supportive of your spouse. I can so easily get caught up in the little things, but it's important not to take everything too seriously! Stephen reminds me of that all the time - and it definitely makes me a better person. 

Who is the better cook?
Stephen: Grilling: Me. Everything else: Zelle!
Zelle: I probably cook more than Stephen does - so..? But he can cook a mean steak on the grill complete with a side of mac-and-cheese and veggies.

How many children do you want?
Stephen: Twins. We’re not sure how many sets.
Zelle: Two kids. But honestly, I'd love it if we had twins! I always thought it would be so neat to be a twin - so having them would be pretty cool too (as a note to Stephen's - if twins, one set...)

What was your first opinion of each other?
Stephen: I thought I would never find a more beautiful dance partner when I stalked her at a concert. 
Zelle: I definitely thought he was cute! And I also thought he was a lot older. I was 18 when we first met and I thought he was at least 22. 

What is something you've had to adjust to about living with each other?
Steve: Timing/planning of what to do after work some days...gym, eat dinner, idk let’s just sit around and talk about it for 45 mins
Zelle: I had roommates in college but then lived by myself for the better part of 4 years (aside from a short stint of living with my brother). So it's always an adjustment when you're sharing space with someone. I'll get annoyed by something left in the sink or clothes in "the chair" in our room, but then I turn around and do the exact same thing. 

What is something random about your spouse that someone may not know?
Stephen: She doesn’t like to be touched by me when I’m sweaty after a workout. Even if I just talk about it, it makes her anxious and she gets stressed haha.
Zelle: Although he's pretty active, he loves movies - and remembers all kinds of quotes from them. I'm the opposite! (also - super true about what Stephen said about me... very weird, I know. I get plenty sweaty when I work out but I just don't like being touched...)

What has surprised you about your first year of marriage?
Stephen: How we can both agree pretty quickly on big decisions in life. Family/religion/money.....we may give a strong opinion at first but then we can side together shortly thereafter and then we say... hmm, yeah that’s true...sounds good! I hope that can continue haha.
Zelle: I shouldn't say I'm surprised by this, because we've always had a good time together, but I love how fun our marriage is. We definitely don't agree on everything, but I can get so frustrated by something and then be laughing within minutes. 
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