Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer Essentials

Happy Friday! Even though the weather has been unseasonably cool the last couple of days, summertime is just about here, which means it's time for a few warm weather essentials. Pool floats, sunscreen, cover-ups... the works! Some of my favorites are from last year, though I've found a few new things I'm loving for this season too.

+ White Cover-Ups: For some reason, I am always gravitating towards a good white cover-up! 

+ Pool Floats: When the weather is super hot here, I love grabbing a pool float and sitting in the sound or the pool while reading a good book. How cute is this engagement ring?!

+ Skincare: My skin has never been super sensitive to products, but when it comes to sunscreen, there are a few that really burn! I have found that SunBum's products don't irritate my face and are great for both face and body. I also love a good Vitamin C face serum which helps with brightening skin. I also change up my skincare a bit in the summer and opt for light makeup that has SPF or that accentuates a tan.

+ Beach Bags: It's no secret that I can't turn down a good bag or tote - so it's safe to say there are so many cute beach bags I'm loving this season! Depending on what I'm doing for the day depends on the kind of bag. While on vacation where towels are provided, I love having something simple that zips. If I'm headed to the beach, I like something that is a little bit bigger so I can put towels (and a few snacks) in!

+ Flops: Sandals, sandals and more sandals. Though I love something strappy, for the beach or pool a slip on is much easier (and packable). 

+ Hats & Hair Care: I've been really trying to protect my face and though sunscreen often does the trick, the best option is to not let skin get too much exposure. I'm trying to be better about wearing a hat while in the sun - though sometimes it just feels nice to get that vitamin D!

What are your summer necessities?
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