Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's Eve! It is incredibly difficult to believe that 2016 is only a few hours away. I can't wait to see what this coming year brings. There were too many highlights for me to count in 2015 so I'm excited for the adventures ahead. I shared some moments of my year in this post as well as some of my style favorites - now I'm sharing some of my goals for the new year.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to set goals for yourself, but I want to think of them less as resolutions and more as concrete and tangible goals and milestones that I want to reach. These goals are in all aspects of my life - personal, work, fitness, and blog.
  1. Exude positivity. I can get so easily wrapped up in my own life and situations that I don't think about how lucky I am. By writing something down on paper that is positive each day, I hope to exude a positive attitude and outlook on life.
  2. Stay engaged. With so many distractions around me, I often find myself drifting into la-la land when I need to be engaged and present in what is happening around me. 
  3. Work harder. It is so easy to fall into a rut at work. Luckily, my current job is still so new that I'm learning things every day, but I need to constantly remind myself how blessed I am to have a job that I like and that it's a priviledge to do it each day.
  4. Love better. Stephen, my family, my friends, strangers. A feeling of love so often comes naturally, but we are sometimes selfish in how we love. It may mean mean a round of golf with Stephen, helping my mom in the kitchen, or saying hello to a stranger - but truly thinking of others when we love.
  5. Try something new each month. A new hobby, a new type of blog post, a new work strategy, a new restaurant. A new anything - just something new. 
  6. Reach 15k Instagram followers. This is a very surface-level goal, but one that I want to see in an effort for my blog to continue to grow.
  7. Spend less time on social media. Oh the irony, right? Especially after my last goal. But so much of my day is consumed by the social media buzz and I want to spend more time actually living in each moment (though I can't resist my urge to snap every beautiful sunset that I see). 
  8. Attend several blog conferences. I'm excited to be checking one off my list at the end of January! Create + Cultivate Dallas, here I come!
  9. Attend at least 20 Pure Barre classes each month. This doesn't necessarily seem like all that many classes, but let me tell you. In the entire month of December, I only made it to 13!
  10. Remember that food is fuel. Y'all - I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and if I could eat mashed potatoes and cake all day, I'd be one happy gal. But one thing I really want to work on this year is the importance of what I put in my body -- more leafy greens + veggies, less processed junk.
  11. Run a 5K. Some of you may laugh, but I am just not a runner. At all. I've tried. But I need to try harder. A 5K is #biggoals. 
  12. Spend more time writing. I write here on the blog, but so much of what I do here is surface level. I really love writing, so I want to spend more time exploring my creativity and putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). 
  13. Go skydiving? Contemplate skydiving? This is a big deal. I've said for several years that I want to try skydiving, yet I'm still not sure if I could actually make myself jump out of a plane. 
  14. Spend more time with friends. This one should be easy, because I absolutely adore spending time with my girlfriends. But between my work commute, the work day, working out, and then doing things around my house and just wanting "me" time, it's not always a priority like it should be. 
  15. Travel to a new place. I'm starting this off with a bang by heading to Dallas, but I would love to spend more time in 2016 travelling, especially with Stephen.
  16. Celebrate life! How lucky we are to be alive. I want to spend more time reflecting on that -- see #1. 
See you in 2016!

Photo by Brittany Rowland.
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