Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pinspiration: Summer Edition

I am on Pinterest way too much. It's pretty much a nightly ritual for me to get on the Pinterest app on my phone as a lay in bed to unwind. No complaints here. The only problem with Pinterest is that I'm constantly finding way too many things I "need" -- food, clothes, things for work...the list is endless! I've been feeling "pinspired" by these things these days.
Walk: I know I say need a lot, but...
Nude sandals
Eat: Perfect salsa for summer.
Crisp Cucumber Salsa// use low carb chips or put on fish or just eat like a salad still love the sour cream addition.

Wear: Gal Meets Glam never disappoints. Never.
Gal Meets Glam- Printed Jumpsuit

Design: Absolutely obsessed with this front door.
In a New York City townhouse renovated by architect Peter Pennoyer and decorated by Jeffrey Bilhuber, artisan Mark Giglio painted the entrance hall with colorful stripes.

Work: How gorgeous is this work space? I would never want to leave.
I would love to have this as my home office

Believe: Much needed.
New week, new verse, new wallpaper! // Elle & Company

Sleep: The girly-girl in me loves the pink details
Playful Patterns

Swim: This Mara Hoffman bikini needs me

Listen: Glitter Guide never fails -- the perfect road-trip playlist.
Enjoy! Cheers to summertime inspiration.
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