Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekending + Announcement

It has felt like a long week! But that's only because I knew I would get to spend the weekend with SW and go to the Miss North Carolina pageant. Those two things have had me anxiously awaiting Friday at 5:00 since Sunday night!
I'm beyond ready to spend the weekend with SW! He and I had just started dating when I competed for Miss Garner, and little did he know how many more he would get to watch. Lucky him. But he and I have sat in the audience together at a pageant, and from what I hear, his commentary is great. So I'm excited for our date night in Raleigh! The above photo was taken my first time at Miss NC during visitation -- we look so young!

In case you couldn't tell in yesterday's post, I'm a little envious of all the girls competing this week! It is a long, hard week, but nothing beats standing on the stage looking at the audience and taking it all in. Incredible!

If you're looking for a gelato recipe, this key lime pie looks like a hit!

For all of my romper-addicts, Swoon Boutique has a great selection of rompers!

I'm moving! Remember the adventure that I alluded to last week? It's official. The movers are scheduled, my new apartment is leased, and next Saturday, I will be moving from the Charlotte area back to the Raleigh area, which I called home during the four years I was in college. Check back for more next week!
Cheers to a lovely weekend!
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