Thursday, April 18, 2019

A Few Q & As

Hope everyone is excited for Easter weekend! We're excited to be hosting our families for an Easter lunch and we are so looking forward to it. I'm working at the shop this weekend as well so it'll be a busy one for sure, but between our planned sunrise service on the beach + having our family celebrate, it's one we can't wait for!

What kind of car do you drive?
I have a Suburban! I got it last summer and while it's a big car for just me, it's perfect for when we do events for the shop (I am doing a pop-up this week and the Suburban holds everything much more easily than my 4runner did) and since I don't plan on getting a new car anytime soon, it will be a great family vehicle when that time comes. 

What do you eat in a day?
Yikes! This is a tough one. Some days I am super conscious and eat clean, others I'm super healthy until dinner when we order pizza, and then there are days where I just want all the junk food. As a whole, I'm trying to be more conscious of eating, so a typical day when I'm at the store looks something like this:
  • Cup of coffee (or two) while I'm getting ready
  • Oatmeal or smoothie when I get to the shop (I usually eat this while I'm catching up on computer work)
  • Brown rice bowl with veggies from Epic Food Co. for lunch or leftovers from dinner the night before
  • Chicken, pork or steak with a sweet potato and broccoli for dinner
I use the above lightly because there are so many nights where we grab dinner out (we love Mexican food), but as we head into summer, I'm trying to make a more valiant effort to eat a more healthy dinner at home. 

How long have you and your husband been together?
Almost 9 years! We dated for close to 7 and then August will be 2 years of marriage. 

Favorite Wilmington restaurant?
This is a tough one too. We have so many places that we love and then so many more that we want to try, but you can check out this post here for some of the places we frequent. 

Which camera do you use for pictures?
My parents gave me the Nikon D610 for Christmas which was a definite step-up from my Nikon D3200. I loved my first Nikon but the D610 has definitely improved the quality of photos, especially when I'm taking them for other people. 
By the way, are you in the Richmond, Virginia area? If so, you should check out River Run Dental Spa! I had the Invisalign treatment (which they specialize in) for a year and still wear my nighttime aligners every single night!
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