Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer To-Do

How in the world is it already June? When looking at my calendar, I've realized just how quickly this summer is going to fly by, which is both scary and exciting! I have some big things I need to knock out on my wedding to-do list, but here's to hoping everything falls in to place! Aside from that, there are quite a few other things I have (fun things) on my summer to-dos!

P.S. It's National Donut Day. Don't miss out.

+ Weddings, Weddings, Weddings | I actually think I am a career wedding attendee at this point, but it's been a blast. We've had Wilmington weddings, mountain weddings, out-of-state weddings - but it's fun to attend a wedding when you get to go with your best friend.

+ Travel | I've already done a little bit of traveling this year, but there's more to do! I'm headed to Atlanta next week on business, Charleston next weekend for Shelby's wedding, and a few other places around the NC throughout the summer (and of course, our honeymoon!). I'm wanting to take a few more spontaneous trips, even if it's just a day trip for the afternoon.

+ Closet Clean Out | I've been trying to work on this bits at a time, but I really need to get to work this. I donate most of my clothes, but I am selling a few things on my Facebook page. Check it out!

+ Summer Night Bike Rides | I bought a bike last year and we rode them quite a bit but I've yet to venture out in this warm weather season! I'm a teensy bit timid due to the fact that I've broken a bone from a bike and fallen off numerous times, but last summer I did find it fun - though I insist that everyone else stay far away from me!

+ Meal Plan | I honestly think I like to eat out more in the summer than I do in the winter. With the warm weather and lots of great outdoor restaurants in Wilmington, I'm always wanting to grab something out. Plus, I never turn down tacos, so there's that. However, the wedding is two months away so it's time to get this booty into shape! Which also means a little more meal prep so I'm not tempted to grab lunch at you know, Taco Bell, or something. 

+ Beach Reading | It's time to pick up a few new summer reading books! I snagged a book at the airport and read it on our flight to and from and really enjoyed it. I would recommend First Comes Love - it doesn't have a fairytale ending but I think as much as I wanted that, it also makes it more realistic, because sometimes life is hard, unexpected, and something you have to work for. If you're looking for a good book, check it out! I've also been saving some of my favorite bloggers' summer reading lists and book recs!

What's on your summer to-do list?
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