Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Beauty Favorites

For the most part, my makeup and skincare routine stays fairly the same year round, but when the seasons change, I do often switch out products from time to time. I've started using a few new things over the last couple of months that I can't get enough of! I thought I would share my night and day time beauty routines that are currently in place.

Nighttime Routine ||

Daily Cleansing Pad | I've been using these for years thanks to my mom, and I love that they are soft on one side to wipe away makeup but textured on the other to help with exfoliation.

Cleansing Balm | Though the cleansing pads are my go-to, I also use this cleansing balm from itCosmetics with a face brush. I feel like when my face needs a good scrub, the pads work the best but the balm definitely does a great job at getting my makeup off. 

Hydra Firm Sleeping Cream | Y'all - I love this stuff! I've mentioned before that I've played around with a variety of moisturizers trying to find what works best for my skin. It wasn't until this time last year that I realized I was more dry than oily so finding a moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling hydrated without looking oily was a must for me. I use this at night (and sometimes a dab under my makeup) and I love how my skin feels when I wake up.

Vitamin C Serum | This product was in a swagbag at last year's Create & Cultivate conference. It sat in a drawer untouched for months before I finally decided to give it a try and now I use it almost every night. I really do think this is making a difference in the brightness of my skin and I use it across my neck as well.

Daytime Routine ||

Primer Water | I love this stuff! It's oil free, so it leaves my skin feeling dewy and refreshed before I start piling on the makeup. I've also used it as a midday refresher as well. I love watching makeup tutorials and Lindsey Regan Thorne was sharing one on her InstaStories one morning - I sent her a message about a few questions I had and she recommended a primer spray (she recommends MAC's Prep & Prime) - such a great suggestion because it's great!

HD Primer | Though the primer water is my favorite, sometimes my skin needs a little bit more love before my makeup, so I use this HD primer. I love that this is an affordable alternative to the Smashbox version. I've used both and honestly can't tell a difference.

DoubleWear Foundation | This foundation is my forever go-to! I love it because it layers so well and if I actually take the time to put it on well and blend, it lasts all throughout the day. I use Desert Beige in winter and Ivory Beige in the summer.

Undereye Concealer | Another itCosmetics favorite! I actually put this on top of my foundation and then blend and will even use it as a highlighter, since I use the Light shade. I love it because it blends so well but gives your face a brightness that sometimes a flat foundation doesn't offer.

Bronzer | My go-to for forever! I've been using this same compact for at least a year and a half and still have so much of it left, and it's a product I pretty much use every day. My shade is Natural. 

Blush | I use a blush palette from Estee Lauder that I've had forever - I love it because it offers three shades that I blend together. It's no longer available, but this palette has colors that are almost exact to what I use. This is another great duo option because you can choose a duo to blend that works best for your complexion!

Shimmer Brick | I love the effect that this brick gives! I will dust over my cheek bones and sometimes over the bridge of my nose and it gives this perfect irridescent effect without looking too shimmery. I use Nectar.

What are your go-to products? I'm always open to suggestions!



  1. I'm so intrigued by the primer water! I love that MAC spray, but this sounds like it might be a great addition to the make up bag, too!

  2. These all sound like great products! I am going to check out that sleeping cream. At this stage in my life my skin is always dry. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  3. Primer water is so good, right?! I've been wanting to try a cleansing balm, so I'm going to look into this one. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Mac's Prep and Prime is the best! It's so versatile as far as what it is capable of doing. It's definitly worth the money. Your skin is always so gorgeous, so thanks for sharing your routine!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. Im so anxious to try First Aid beauty! I've hear great things about their products and I would love to add them to my spring beauty routine :)

  6. I need to look into that vitamin c serum, it's the one thing I'm not using and I know I should be! And yes to primer water! Such a life changer! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Asking those that you know for recommendations is another great way for you to go about finding a beauty supply store to shop at.

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