Thursday, September 18, 2014


Karora Cosmetics Tinted Self Tan Mist and Gradual Tan Cream c/o

I've worked with Karora Cosmetics before, so I jumped on the opportunity to work with them again. Being from the coast, I've always had tan skin. But as of late, I have had very few weekends to spend in the sun, and pretty soon, chilly weather will replace the warm days I spent by the water. I've also been working on taking care of my skin, which means no tanning beds. Karora Cosmetics is a great at-home alternative to keeping my skin tanned all year long.

The spray is similar to a spray-tan concept, but you can do it at home. I sprayed evenly, and then rubbed in for even coverage with my mitt. Though I liked the spray, I really liked the cream. It is soft and smooth like lotion, and it doesn't leave behind a sticky residue like a lot of self tanners do. This is a great product that you can build on too, so if the first batch doesn't leave you as dark as you want, you can keep applying until you've reached the desired darkness.

I have a fun weekend planned with friends, so I'll be using my Karora Cosmetics tanning products to get my skin glowing...and I'll be using them all fall and winter long.


  1. The application looks so easy and foolproof!!! I always have the hardest time with the application lol!!! Off to check them out! xo

  2. I agree with Biana, it looks so easy and makes me want to try for sure! I am such a pale one ;)

  3. My skin has been screaming for some vit. d!! Self tanners aren't normally my thing because of the application but this looks like it couldn't be easier.

    Heather | Port City Prescription

  4. This sounds amazing! Love that it comes with a little glove!

    <3 Shannon

  5. How fun! A glove and all! I always hate how tanners can turn your hands orange! This looks like a great product :)
    xo Erin

  6. What a great product! I'm definitely already losing my summer tan :( so this sounds perfect! And the glove is perfect for keeping your hands from getting a crazy weird tan!

    <3, Pamela

  7. Wow. The end result looks really natural! Thanks for the review. :)

    Mommy: The Mini Skirt
    Health & Beauty: The Grass Skirt

  8. look so easy to use. Its been forever since I used a self tanner

  9. Your tan is GORGEOUS! I'll have to try this - it looks so easy & gives a fabulous color!

    Kaitlin Keegan
    Blonde Expeditions

  10. Seems pretty genius to me! I love being tan year round and probably need to invest in this for winter :)


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