Friday, January 31, 2014

Whirlwind Five

This week flew by...crazy fast! Friday is here, and with it, a crazy weekend!

And just like the whirlwind weekend that is ahead, this Friday's five is a bit of a whirlwind in itself 
no rhyme or reason, just the five.

Miss Wilmington is this weekend, so I'm headed home this afternoon for a crazy, fun, emotion-filled weekend of "pageantry." I'm closing a chapter on this year of my life, which is sad, but I'm so thankful for all that it brought me.

Is anyone else in the South slightly scared to drive around? In the Queen City area, the roads weren't too bad during Winter Storm "Leon," but in my coastal hometown, roads have been iced over for three days. And quite frankly, this trek home makes me a little nervous.

(my mom took this picture yesterday, and for Wilmington, that's a lot of ice...)

Looking for a new coffee to try? Call me a plain Jane, but I love Starbucks' Vanilla Blonde coffee. I add in a little extra powdered vanilla myself, a little sweetener, and a little half and half, and it's the perfect pick-me-up for any kind of day.

How gorgeous are these agate coasters? And they're the perfect pink just in time for Valentine's day.

I can't let go of this Kendra Scott obsession -- I just can't do it. And I probably need this.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and be sure to check out the link-up ladies!



  1. Love that necklace! Have a great weekend at home - drive safe!!

  2. Love the coasters - and hope you have so much fun at home! :)

  3. the vanilla blonde is my favorite too! not too heavy - just right.

  4. I love the blonde roast with a shot of vanilla. It reminds me of golden grahams, and I love golden grahams!

    Caitlin C

  5. Have a fantastic weekend and safe travels, Zelle! I'm pretty sure I need those coasters AND that necklace in my life ASAP : ) xoxo

  6. Those coasters! Definitely going on my list of things to buy!


  7. Love those coasters! And you can't go wrong with the vanilla blonde raost from Starbucks! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog, you should check it out! xoxo, Lindsay

  8. I've been in love with those coasters too long now...I think it's time I bought them :-)
    Down in Charleston, we've had our fair share of drama due to the ice and little bit of snow! Too many bridges around here and not enough salt trucks. New follower on Bloglovin' via 5 on Friday!

  9. LOVE those coasters! Hope y'all are surviving the ice/snow--I'm over it!

  10. Just pinned those beautiful coasters :)
    Be safe coming back this way, sweetness!!!! Praying travel mercies for your journey right this moment!

  11. I love that necklace!!! If the men in our lives could only follow our blogs they would never have trouble buying christmas/birthday/valentines day presents lol


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