Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving on Up

I'm moving on up!

94 Living Room Decorating Ideas from Southern Living
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In just a few short weeks, I'll be moving to my brand new home in a brand new city to start a brand new job. Lots of brand new, I know. Though I'm anxious about what is ahead, I am also really excited to do something different -- and to decorate and design a new place.

I found the perfect place for me -- a garden apartment in a quaint town center/village atmosphere. I'll be surrounded by stores like Bevello and Uniquities, with a Starbucks and a PureBarre fitness studio right around the corner.

I am incredibly passionate about interior design. My dream job would be to travel around the country learning new design techniques and finding knick-knacks, designing houses here at home, and blogging about it. Yes please. I actually started my college career as an interior design major -- but for some unknown reason, decided it was not for me (why, oh why?)

Nonetheless, I had a great internship at the beginning of the summer with a local designer, Liz Carroll. She was incredible to work for, and I got a sneak peek into the design world, and of course, I fell in love. I would highly recommend her to anyone -- she is fabulous!

I find inspiration in so many things, which is wonderful and terrible all at the same time! I've found that I drift towards two different things. Very bright pinks and oranges or elegant neutrals. So -- what is it going to be for my new apartment? While all of these things can't be a reality, here are a few of my favorite design things.


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