Thursday, January 3, 2013

Makeup Matchup

I absolutely love makeup. There are, of course, days that I would prefer not to wear any, but for the most part, makeup is a fun way to express yourself and your sense of style. About 2 years ago, I took a makeup lesson from a professional. I had grown up doing my own makeup, but she taught me some great tips that make applying fun and easy. 

So what's in my makeup bag?

Makeup Matchup

This is mostly what I use every day. For night-time or special occasions, I will often spice it up, adding more color or a smoky eye, but this is my everyday makeup basics. I don't use only one brand. I'm a huge fan of Estee Lauder's mascara and compact foundation, but I tend to lean towards Mac's primer and blus, and Bobbi Brown's bronzer. I also have a wonderful eye makeup pallet from Estee Lauder that offers a variety of colors for both day and night. What about my lips? During the day, I use a light lipstick plus chap-stick and a gloss.  Winter definitely calls for  moisturized lips. At night, I normally step up my lip color, choosing a deep red or a dark pink, something that stands out. Eco Tools (available at Target) has great brushes, though I only use three out of that set. I have a larger brush that I use for bronzer as well as a few other shadow brushes. Oh, and my eye pencil? You can find that at Target too. Check out LineExpress by Maybelline. It's great. 

What's in your makeup bag?

Don't forget to live in the moment.


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