Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Touch of Vintage

One of my favorite accessories is a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. From far away, they look like a pair that can be purchased from Ray-Ban's website, but these are pretty special (I think so anyway). My boyfriend's dad purchased them at a yard sale about a year ago, something unwanted. Yet these sunglasses are in near perfect condition. They are gold-frames, but uniquely, the frames are also leather bound. Though I am not sure of the year they date back to, I do know that they were made when Bausch & Lomb still owned Ray-Ban. The RBs are definitely unique, and I absolutely love wearing them. Luckily, the style doesn't quite resonate with the bf, and he's letting me "borrow."

Though I've looked at multiple styles to purchase a pair of my own, I just can't part with these until I absolutely have to.

Paired with Ophelia purple silk top, Kate Spade earrings, Etsy monogram necklace

Ray-Ban has a variety of Aviator styles to choose from -- definitely worth adding a pair to your collection. 

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