Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Baby Girl's Nursery Design Board

To say that our nursery is a work in progress is an understatement! It's always been a hodgepodge guest room as we hoped that one day it would become our future nursery. I never hung anything on the walls or did any kind of window treatments as I knew that whatever I picked would probably be much different to what we would choose for our future child. 

It's so fun to now be creating a space just for our little girl. Over the summer, I would sit in that room and dream about who he or she would be and couldn't wait for the day when we had a little one in our house. The funniest thing is that we moved a bed and I rearranged furniture into this room the weekend before we found out I was pregnant. We had friends coming into town and I wanted it to look semi-put together so I spent all this time "decorating" aka moving our furniture around in an effort to semblance a second guest room. Little did I know that we would soon be moving it all out!

Once we found out we were expecting a little girl, I knew there were a few pieces we would put in the room. When I first opened the shop, we had a hot pink Society Social couch that we used in a little sitting area. Since we first opened, the shop and our inventory have grown and we quickly outgrew the need for a full-sized couch. It came home with us and is now in our office but since Stephen is working from home full-time, we decided the couch needed to move out of there and into somewhere else. I wasn't sure how a hot pink couch would look in a delicate little nursery, but I'm excited to play with it and make the space all become cohesive. 

I searched long and hard for fabric that was feminine and encompassed both a bright pink as well as more muted colors and I'm so excited for this one. So far, we are going to utilize the fabric for drapery and maybe an ottoman or stool. 

In terms of the bigger furniture, we have most of it covered! We moved the dresser that I've had since high school into her room and changed out the handles with this lucite hardware. It certainly upgraded the piece and makes me feel like we have an entirely new piece of furniture. I'm going to create a changing station on top instead of getting a specific changing table. We are also utilizing a mirror similar to this one that I've had for years (since my first post-college apartment). 

For the crib, we went back and forth for a long time on what to choose. I wanted something fairly simple and something that we could use again should we have a second child that is a boy. I fell in love with a few pricier (extremely) options but honestly just couldn't reason the expense when I knew I would be customizing it with bedding and pretty fabrics anyway. Once Stephen put this one together, I was glad we went with it as it will work well in the room and can also transition into a toddler bed when she's a little older. I was also shocked at the quality with the price. 

Sophie and I have already been enjoying the glider! After doing some organizing, we always sit in there and rock for a bit and I think Soph will be just content to hang out in baby sister's room. I wanted a white glider and Stephen's only request was that it would recline. We opted for this one and honestly couldn't be happier. 

We also ended up getting a 5-drawer chest to go on the wall near the bathroom. It came in a million pieces but it was a good project for one of our nights at home. I'm just waiting on these cute drawer pulls to come in and then it'll be complete! 

One of my favorite aesthetic details of the nursery is the portrait we had done of Sophie. I found an artist on Etsy and she was so easy to work with! She is actually located in Italy, but she communicated quickly, sent me updates and then the portrait arrived safe and sound after a few weeks!

Another detail I'm excited to about is the artwork for above the crib. One of my friends is also an incredibly talented artist. She is creating an abstract to go above the crib and I absolutely cannot wait to see her vision come to life!

We have managed to complete a good amount in the nursery but still have some details to go. I ordered the window treatments a couple of weeks ago but they take 6 - 8 weeks to make so once those are here and hung, I'll feel confident in what I want to do to pull the rest of the room together!

What We've Accomplished:
  • Room cleaned out - the biggest task!
  • Glider in place
  • Crib assembled
  • Large dresser moved into room and knobs changed
  • Window treatments ordered
  • Mattress has arrived
  • Portrait of Sophie has been framed
  • Small dresser put together
On the To-Do List:
  • Hang window treatments
  • Hang mirror above dresser
  • Order changing station for dresser
  • Hang portrait of Soph
  • Select side tables 
  • Order floating shelves
  • Plan out final decor details
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