Monday, January 11, 2021

Pregnancy Update - Halfway There

This week marks 22 weeks and it's hard to believe we're over halfway there! My second trimester has been easier in the fact that I'm no longer nauseous all day every day. Every so often, I still feel a little sick to my stomach and I'm certainly still tired, but thankfully I have enough energy that I can get through the day (and even a workout) without ending the day on the couch (or even bed) by 6pm. 

In the beginning of this pregnancy, I immediately got what I thought was a little bump, but instead it was just bloat! The bloat and swelling went down and now at 22 weeks, I have an actual little pregnancy bump instead of just puffiness. It's been interesting trying to figure out what works and what doesn't clothing wise, so I've been living in my leggings and longer sweaters! 

Second trimester has also been pretty special as we've gotten to see baby girl more in-depth. We had our anatomy scan in December and I loved having an hour to see all of her little features. It's so crazy how much of her we can already see and it makes me even more ready to meet her. 

Pregnancy Q+A:

What kind of travel system did you get?
We opted for the Nuna Pipa Lite Car Seat & Tavo Stroller and Santa (aka my mom) was sweet enough to purchase for us! I looked long and hard and asked all of my mom friends for their suggestions. I ultimately decided on the Nuna because I had heard the Pipa Lite was a great car seat option and I liked the Tavo paired with it. Of course, time will tell if we love it once baby girl is here, but after playing with it at home, we really love the functionality of it. I also love the look. 

Where are you registering and how did you pick?
I decided to register at Babylist as I love that you can put everything from a variety of places on one registry! I may also register at one of our local baby boutiques as well. I've had lots of requests to share our registry so I will do a post sharing some of my top picks (thanks to recommendations from friends). 

Are you reading any books to prepare for after baby is born?
I need to do some more reading! But so far, I've purchased the Moms on Call book. I have glanced through but plan to read more in-depth closer to baby's due date so all of the things are fresh in my mind. My in-laws also gave me this book and I've been reading through it as it has lots of great insight for pre-natal things. 

Have you found a glider you like yet?
We have! We opted for this one. Stephen and I have both sat in it a few times and we love it. We opted for a reclining option (his request) and I have loved sitting in there planning out the nursery and rocking Sophie - safe to say baby girl is going to have to share that chair with her pup!

Are you doing a babymoon? If so, when and where?
We would like to! As of now, we don't currently have something planned. In a dream world, I'd love to take a tropical vacation in March just as a last getaway with just the two of us, but I think the likelihood of that is very slim with all that's going on in the world. We may try to go somewhere on the east coast that is drivable just for a few days away. 

Do you plan to nurse?
I do! To be completely honest, I'm going into nursing with an open mind and no expectations. I have had friends who absolutely loved nursing and others who chose not to. I will always have the opinion that fed is best (I was formula-fed!) and so if baby loves nursing, I will do that route. If it's not working for us, I have no issue with going with a different plan. 

Pregnancy Must-Haves So Far:

I started taking this around week 6 of pregnancy and I still take it every night. In the beginning, I took it with B6 in an effort to combat the nausea. I now only take 1/2 of the Unisom every night but it certainly helps with the nausea and helps me sleep as well. The few times I've skipped it, I've either gotten sick or had terrible nausea. 

Basq Cream and Body Oil
One of my new mom friends sent me this and I use it every day after I shower! I use the oil first and then load up on the cream!

Pregnancy Pillow
I don't use this pillow every night but I do enjoy having the option to have it!

Ice Water
It's especially important to drink a lot of water while pregnant and some days, that is easier than others. I have been freezing my water bottles so that they have a crushed ice feel to them and that helps me get down more water and also helps with nausea. 

I've had the absolute worst heartburn this pregnancy but especially these last few weeks. I take Tums daily and thankfully they help enough to help me get by.

Auden Wirefree Bra
I have had an issue finding comfortable bras, especially sports bras. I'm not currently doing anything high-impact, but the issue I've had is that anything that has felt supportive has also given me terrible neck pain and made me feel restricted. I browsed the bra section at Target last week and found this lounge bra and it is 100% my new favorite. It feels supportive without being restrictive and gives enough support that I can go for a walk or ride our stationery bike. 

Lululemon Wunder Under Tight 
This has always been one of my favorite pairs of leggings but especially now. The Luxtreme fabric has stretched enough that it has worked this entire pregnancy so far. I have a feeling that in the next month or so, I'm going to need to order a bigger size or different leggings all together, but these are the ones I reach for at the moment. 

Spanx Maternity Leggings
In the beginning, I didn't love these leggings. I'm an avid Spanx wearer through and through, but I think I just bought these too early. Instead, I wore my medium regular Spanx instead of small and that worked for awhile. I'm finally at the point that I really enjoy the stretch tummy area - it's still big on me (lots of room to grow into!) but they are so much more comfortable than my other leggings. 

Oversized Sweaters
I wish I was more creative with my pregnancy style, but being on my feet most of the day at work + it being chilly, leggings, sweaters and sneakers have just been my daily uniform. I found this sweater from Old Navy and I love that while it's not maternity, it's long enough to cover the bump. I ordered it in several colors!

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