Monday, March 30, 2020

Updating My Office with Ace of Space Organization

Ever since I began working, I envisioned a fun and girly office. You're often limited by your surroundings and environment in terms of what you can do to your office, but when I decided to open the store, I thought, "Finally! A cute and girly office!" Then, I quickly realized that my office is more than just my work space. It's where our supplies are kept, where my staff and I eat lunch, and there is often more chaos happening than not. 2 years in, and my office was a hodgepodge of furniture, file cabinets, and boxes of things. I thought it was hopeless for me to have a space to accommodate all of our needs, but that's where Ace of Space Organization stepped in. 

To be completely honest, when Andrea and Kristy of Ace of Space first reached out, I was a little overwhelmed. On the one hand, I absolutely loved the idea of having a team come in and overhaul my office, but at the same time, I was worried that they would walk in and think "Oh, gosh, where do we put all of this stuff" or that I would have to overhaul the office before they even came. But that wasn't the case at all!

Kristy and Andrea stopped by for a consultation and we talked about my wants and needs in terms of keeping my space functional but also creating a pretty space I wanted to be in. While we didn't have any major plans to change the furniture setup, the ladies offered recommendations of how we could maximize on the space I have and better conceal some of the "mess" that was often so distracting. Kristy and Andrea also asked me lots of questions and showed me product ideas to get a good idea of what I wanted the aesthetic to be.

The plan was:
  • Declutter paper and find homes for papers that need to be handled
  • Corral "like items", i.e. shipping supplies and excess notecards, etc. 
  • Create labels so that everyone on the team knows where things should be 
I already had some open shelving, so Kristy and Andrea found some great baskets and containers that hid the items inside with labels. The labels have been a huge help for me as now I never have to question where something is!

The organization process:
The day of install, the ladies came by and had everything we could possibly need. They literally took care of everything! We went through stacks of paper, which forced me to file and declutter. They cleaned, and dusted, and drilled - anything that needed to be done, they literally achieved it! If they had questions, they would check in with me but for the most part, I was all-in on whatever they wanted to do!

Most of the plan was already in place due to the incredible planning on their part but they had options and we moved and changed some things around based on what we felt would work vs. not. 

Another solution we added throughout the course of this was a corner desk. There was no true table area for anyone other than my computer set-up, so it's now allowed for the girls to have a designated place for working on their laptops / eating lunch.

Now that we're spending more time at home, you may notice some areas of your home that you want to revamp or reorganize. Storage solutions are a great place to start for home improvement and the amazing news is that Ace of Space Organization is offering virtual organization sessions that will allow you to get a jumpstart on those areas that may need a little improvement.

I know that my session with Kristy and Andrea really motivated me to create systems in other areas - since they organized my office, I've tackled my pantry & under-sink storage area in the kitchen and having those systems in place has made all the difference!

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