Friday, January 3, 2020

Puffy Coats for Winter

I never knew how much I could love a puffer jacket until I ended up with two winners! I have two options for black puffy coats depending on the weather. When I'm here in Wilmington, I often wear this one as it's perfect for our more mild temperatures. It's lightweight but also keeps me warm when the temperatures drop.

When I travel to cooler locations or when it's freezing here at home, I opt for this one! This comfy jacket is what I packed for our recent trip Breckenridge, and while I packed another cute coat option, I ended up just wearing this one and my ski coat! This option is often under $100 from J.Crew factory and was warm enough for me to wear in Colorado when the temperatures were around - 2 degrees with wind chills around - 20! 

Both of these jackets pack well - the Michael Kors option is so lightweight that it folds up nicely. While the J.Crew option is certainly thicker, I was able to easily store it in my carry on for our travel to Colorado. 

Looking for some other great options? Shop these below!

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