Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

The Nordstrom Sale is here! As with pretty much every other blogger, I am sharing a little about the sale. When I shop the sale, I normally make a quick list about what I'm interested in finding. With so many things to choose from, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and hype of it all, so having a quick plan to stay on budget is always a good idea!

Things I was looking for:

  • wide brim hat
  • white sneakers
  • green or purple sweater
  • fun bag for fall
  • new pair of booties

What I Purchased

If you are going to purchase one item from this sale, this is the item I would recommend! I have had my Spanx leggings for going on 4 years and they have held up great. They are the only leather leggings I reach for in the fall and winter. While I already have a pair of these, we snagged a pair for my mom. 
Size Ordered: Small

This little sweater was in my second purchase and I hope it makes it by next Wednesday as I head to California for the weekend. I love sweaters like these for traveling and for the price, I wanted to see how this one would be!
Size ordered: Small

I love YSL lip products so I'm excited to give these lip balms a try.

I'm excited to see how this sweater fits when I get it in! I think it's definitely a popular item in this year's sale, but I loved the pretty lilac color. 
Size Ordered: Medium

One item I do like shopping for each year is a Leith cardigan. I have two in my closet and the one from 3 summers ago has about had it because I reach for it so much (year round! I even took it to the Bahamas the summer I got it for when we were inside). 
Size Ordered: Small

I think this is the item I am most excited about from the sale! I love a good pair of booties so I'm excited to get these in. I'm interested to see how they fit as my feet can sometimes be sensitive to closed toe shoes but fingers crossed that they work.
Size Ordered: 8.5

This sweater has already sold out in a lot of sizes and colors but I did purchase it in the white. I like these kind of sweaters for transition into fall as they look great with shorts. 
Size Ordered: Small

Other Favorites:

  • Tory Burch Crossbody - If I didn't have a crossbody I already loved, I may have snagged this one. 
  • Slides - I love slides in the fall with cropped denim, so these would be a great option!
  • Backpack - I just recently ordered a similar backpack from one of the brands we carry at the store, otherwise I would've purchased this one. It would be a great option for traveling!
  • Cropped Denim - I own these jeans and love them! They are so comfortable. 
  • Skinny Piped Jeans - 7 for all Mankind is one of my favorite brands (in full disclosure, we carry them at the shop) and I think these are so cute!
  • Red Sweater - I don't have many red sweaters and love the color for of this one! It would be great for NC State games or for Christmas. 
  • Wedge Sneakers - If I knew 100% that these sneakers would get to me by the time my flight left on Thursday morning, I would've ordered them! I love the idea of a little wedge. 
  • Star and Moon Earrings - These would make a great gift!
  • Crossbody/Belt Bag - This is another cute crossbody and I love that you can turn it into a belt bag. 
  • Luggage Set - I have a great luggage set that is nowhere near being retired, but I will be honest that I was tempted to purchase this set. 
  • Graphic Tee - This is another item I almost purchased for our trip. I love a fun graphic tee and this is a great price. 

Things I Already Own from the #NSALE:

  • Cropped Alexa - I mentioned this in the above but I have the cropped Alexa as we carried them at the shop! They are so comfortable and while I traditionally wear skinny jeans, I love mixing things up with these. 
  • Ugg Bootie - the pair I have is slightly different but I love my Ugg booties!
  • Dolman Sweater - I purchased this sweater last fall in a royal blue and it is so comfy. I do love this green so it was tempting to purchase it again.
Shop the Post:

Overall Consensus: 

There are some good pieces available during the sale! I always love stocking up on sweaters during this sale but again, in transparency, because I know we have great sweaters coming to the shop, I didn't want to overbuy. 

There are some great jeans on sale - I really don't purchase any denim except what we carry in the shop which is why I passed over that completely. 

Items did sell out very quickly during this sale - items will inevitably be restocked as people do returns, but I was surprised at how fast things went out of stock. I was also hoping for some more options in the designer category but there wasn't anything I had to have. 

As a whole, I'm excited to get what I purchased! I'm not sure what items I'll end up keeping but I definitely have my favorites. Thanks so much for using Southern Style for #NSALE ideas and as always, choosing to shop through these links. 
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