Monday, June 3, 2019

Amazon Haul: Beach Wardrobe

Even though it is technically still spring, it sure does feel like summer around here. We've had crazy hot temperatures (around 100 degrees in May, yikes!). To top it off, we've been staying at my family's beach house so it's felt a bit like vacation (aside from the fact that we're still going to work). 

When I was packing to stay, I wasn't sure if it would just be for a week or for a month, so I packed fairly light, especially for me. Now, in full transparency, our house is 15 minutes away or a 5 minute boat ride, so I've snagged a couple of things here and there, but I've found that I keep wearing the same stuff over and over again but in a good way. They are things I reach for regularly in my closet which has me motivated to do a huge closet cleanout this weekend. 

Some of the stuff that made its way to the beach were these finds from Amazon! Though I place at least one Amazon order weekly (we use it a ton for the shop), I'm always a little hesitant to purchase clothing. I decided though to try out a few things and none of it has disappointed!
I wore this swimsuit top over Memorial Day weekend (on my birthday) and I fell in love! It's easily one of my favorite swimsuit tops. It came with a matching bottom but it was a little too cheeky for me so I grabbed this one from Target which matches almost perfectly. I also snagged a fun little sarong. It's the perfect thing to throw in your boat or beach bag! Size ordered: M (in both)
I love a simple maxi dress because they are so easy for the summer. I wore this on the morning of my birthday to run errands, wore it as a cover-up, and then wore it again with sandals and fun jewelry. Size ordered: M
This little cover-up maxi comes in a million different color options! It was hard choosing but I thought the stripes were so cute (although I love the full lace version as well). Size ordered: one size. 
This is one of my favorite things that I ordered! I forgot I had ordered the black instead of the navy but I do really like how the black turned out. It's an easy casual option (could be a cover-up) but I wore it with Miller sandals, chunky gold bracelets and fun earrings to dinner last weekend and loved how it looked for an easy summer vibe. Size ordered: One size.
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