Friday, May 3, 2019

Most Used Registery Items

It's hard to believe that this summer we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary! Stephen and I have now lived together for close to two years and have adjusted to married life (which is wonderful!). I've also really gotten a handle on what I use on a day-to-day basis. I remember being so overwhelmed when it came time to register - it's easy to get distracted by all the bright and shiny things and items you think you "need." We were fortunate to receive so many wedding gifts throughout our engagement and at our wedding and we loved (and continue to love) everything. It's neat to reach for crystal vase and remember it's from your best friend's mom or for a spatula and remember a fun shower your friends threw for you. Despite loving everything, some of our favorites have ended up being these pretty self-explanatory and daily household items, but as we go into wedding season, it's a great time to consider what to take as a gift or what to register for yourself!
  1. Dinner Plates - When we first registered for our dishes, I fell in love with these Argent White dinner plates by Raynaud. I knew I wanted to mix and match our china with everyday pieces, so opted for this pattern to serve as both every day and what we mix with our fine China pieces. And as my registry consultant at The Fisherman's Wife said, "There's absolutely nothing wrong with heating up a piece of leftover pizza but eating it off your nice dishes." So true. 
  2. Mixing/Serving Bowls - How cute are these bowls? We received this little set and they've made for great mixing and serving pieces. This is a great storage set as well. 
  3. Stand Mixer - When I say this is most-used, I use that term lightly because if we're being honest, I just don't cook all that much! But anytime I make anything that needs mixing, I'm quick to toss it in our Kitchenaid mixer!
  4. Marble Pastry Slab - Another little tidbit about this piece - I've only used it once for actual pastry (that pie I made for Easter) but we use it every single day! We have a gas stove range, and it's the perfect decorative piece to go on top and make for a clean slate. 
  5. Set of Pots and Pants - Stephen and I had plenty of pots and pans that we used throughout our years in college and then our years living separately, but we were much overdo for a new set. We have thoroughly enjoyed our Calaphon set!
  6. Cooking Utensils - Some of my friends gave me the cutest arrangement of cooking utensils at one of my bridal showers, and I love the copper finish on these! Each time I pull them out, I think about how cute they are. 
  7. High Ball Glasses - we've really enjoyed our set of high ball glasses from Crate and Barrel. They also wash really well in the dishwasher and we've had no issues with clouding, streaking, etc. 
  8. Measuring Cups - I got rid of our plastic measuring spoons after we received this set and I love the stainless steel! 
  9. Flatware - Who knew I could like forks and spoons so much?! The Molten collection by Michael Aram is beautiful and we received a few of their serving sets as well. 
  10. Cheese Slicer - This is probably Stephen's favorite gift we received haha! We use this more often than I thought we would - we'll set up an easy little cheese appetizer when we're cooking at home or a larger charcuterie board when we have guests. 
  11. Towels - I cannot say enough good things about these towels from Pottery Barn! We love them. We opted for white, and even two years later, they're looking brand new. I just throw a little bit of bleach in when I wash them and it gets them back to their bright white. 
Another thing we have really enjoyed is our Vietri chargers! I break them out every so often when we have company and decorate with them at holidays.
What was your favorite thing you received from your wedding registry? What is your most-used item?

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