Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Five

This week has been an interesting one! I feel like I have been going non-stop all week but just can't seem to catch up. Anyone else ever feel that way? I'm hoping for a productive weekend so I'll be all ready and fresh for the next work-week. On this weekend's agenda: healthy eating, time outside, cleaning our house, and working out. How about you?

On a different note, when I first started blogging, the Friday Five was something I shared every week. At the time, I was blogging almost every week day, Instagram was not nearly as much of a thing as it is now, and blogging was less about business and more about sharing what I thought was interesting.

Each Friday, I'm going to head back to my roots, if you will, and share five snapshots, products and the like from the week. I hope you enjoy!
this new arrival from ZIA. love it. 
not the cutest picture, but I found this print in Key West and it had to go through a lot of traveling to make it home. Glad to finally have it in its place.
thoughtful gifts from Southern Bee Brooke
our new ottoman that I can't get enough of
weekend casual vibes

Cheers to a wonderful weekend! I hope you make it a great one!

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