Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July + Sales

Happy 4th of July! I'm spending the next few days at the beach house and looking forward to a little bit of R&R. I'm in the store most days, but I'm taking the 4th off and then working from home on Thursday to get caught up on a few things! As much as I love being in the store, I find that I'm more productive on the computer/"business" side of the business when I work from home. 

I've also been taking advantage of a few good sales and snagged a couple of new things:
And in other news, in less than two short weeks, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicks off! I actually first signed up for my Nordstrom credit card so I could take advantage of the sale early about 5 years ago and I've been shopping the Early Access sale ever since! 

The sale officially starts July 20th, but it's always worth it to become a cardholder to access it early - on July 12th! Some of my favorite pieces have come from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, like this perfect circle cardigan! I live in the South and the #NSALE is in the middle of the summer, so who would've thought that I could ever use this cardigan then... but my mid-August I had already used it quite a bit: vet trips with Sophie, on our vacation to cozy up in, etc.) My plan is to snag another from this year's sale if it's available!

These are a few of my faves as we approach the sale! That cozy ruffle neck sweater is a must-have for me!
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