Monday, July 16, 2018

Favorite Coffee Table Books

Ever since we've started decorating our living room, I've been on the hunt for great coffee table books to fill our space. We have a gorgeous woven tray on our new ottoman, a bar cart in the corner, and an oversized coffee table - all which are great homes for beautiful coffee table books. 

I see books all over the place that I want to purchase, but, you know... budget. There are some gorgeous ones out there, but I just can't reason paying $75+ for book that I may not look at on the reg. For me, it's all about the spine as that's what's showing in each of my displays. As long as I love the spine, I'll go ahead and snag one. I also use some of the hardcover books that I've read - instead of sticking on the bookshelf in our upstairs office, I'll take off the dustcovers and utilize them around our living room! Plus, it's a good reminder to reread my favorites.

I rarely buy more than one book at a time (unless it's an amazing deal) as these gorgeous collectibles can get expensive very quickly. Instead, I just keep my eye out when I'm shopping. I'm often able to find fun books at Home Goods (I've had some luck there this summer!) and TJMaxx currently has a few available on their website. As of late, I've ordered a few from Amazon, and today would be a great day to snag some as it is Amazon Prime Day! The couple that I have ordered from Amazon were used editions, but each copy I've received has been in pristine condition! Another place to order is Anthropologie - they have some beautiful options as well. 

Where do you like to snag your books? Check out a few favorites below.

Coffee Table Books Under $40

Book Splurges

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