Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bar Refresh with Gathered

If you read Southern Style last week, then you may have seen my collaboration with my friends over at Gathered, who styled my console table in my living room. It is so easy to get caught up in wanting all new things when you get tired of a space, but one thing designer Lindsey did was take some of my current pieces and do a little bit of a refresh in my dining room.

All of the pieces shown above aside from the blue tray were already in my house - some in the dining room and others scattered around. I really like the dining room, but because we don't spend a lot of time in it, it sometimes gets overlooked. We moved a few things around and I ended up loving how it all looked! 

I snagged the candlesticks from a local store here in Wilmington and had them in the living room but them moved them to the corner of the dining room because I didn't know where to put them. Voila - they now have a home on our bar. 

A piece in our home that I already receive so many questions about is our love story artwork that my bridesmaids' had created for me as a gift at my bridesmaids' luncheon. Each circle represents a chapter in my love story with Stephen: Raleigh, where we met; Charlotte, where we moved after college; the beach house where we were engaged; our wedding ceremony and reception locations; and our first home together. I absolutely love it and look at it all the time. If you're interested in seeing more artwork like this or finding out about having a piece commissioned, check out Southern Bee Designs

One thing that this collaboration with Lindsey and Gathered Group has challenged me to do is to delve into what I already have before going out and buying new things. Especially with Pinterest, #housegoals, and more, it's so easy to be tempted to completely revamp your home. And while yes, that sometimes is fun or necessary, when you want to change things up, look around your house first!
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