Monday, January 8, 2018

Snowy Days

ICYMI, the North Carolina coast (and much of the East Coast in general) was hit by quite the snowstorm. For the states who are used to snow, our 4 inches is probably laughable, but for a beach town that rarely gets any significant accumulation of wintry precipitation, it's safe to say this has been the event of the season.

I've always been a fan of weather, so I was tracking the snow storm furtively. We closed early on Wednesday afternoon, following suit of a lot of other local small businesses. By the time I was out the door, it was freezing cold and freezing raining and by 8pm, I was still only seeing a little bit of ice. But sure enough, the icing turned into gorgeous snow, and we woke up to a winter wonderland! It was so fun to see our little house covered in snow. 

We closed the store for a snow day and Stephen and I explored with Sophie, who loves being outside but is not in love with the freezing cold snow that's deeper than her tiny legs. We finally ventured out of the house and I was thankful Stephen was driving and that I have a 4-wheel drive car because the ice certainly made an impact! 

One thing I have learned is that though I will always be a fan of snow and snow days, they are a little bit different when you own a business that thrives off in-store shoppers. Thank goodness for social media and some stir-crazy shoppers who did a little bit of online shopping from the ZIA website. 

And in regards to my cold-weather outfit?! I can't get enough of this cozy sweater. It's one that I snagged while in New York and I wear it probably 2 times a week since it's been so cold. The puffer I'm wearing is perfect for normal North Carolina temps, but to be honest, I changed into my heavier puffer coat because this one just wasn't cutting it. But if you're looking for a great packable option, this is a good one!

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