Monday, January 15, 2018

Cozy Sweatshirts & Pullovers

One of my favorite things about gift-giving with Stephen is that we always give hints. Sometimes we're terrible at them and either give too much away or say something so generic that it could be anything. This year's hint about one of my gifts was, "You originally hated it but now you love it." 

I was so confused by this one... If I didn't like it from the beginning, why in the world would I want it? And then I unwrapped the coziest of sweatshirts and it all started to click. You see, a few weeks prior to Christmas, I participated in a holiday gift market with ZIA. One of the vendors was selling fuzzy sweatshirts similar to mine, and I told Stephen I was starting to hate them from the sheer fact that everyoneee was so distracted by the fuzzy sweatshirts that they weren't popping by my booth. I followed that sentiment with, "Honestly though, I like them too so I'll probably end up buying one for myself before it's all said and done." 

Traffic picked up at my tiny booth and I never made it over to pick up my own, so it was a fun surprise opening this one up. And let me tell you, it is the best. Seriously. I could live it in. The one Stephen purchased for me is by True Grit and I'm wearing an XS (I think it's unisex), but shop some other cozy sweatshirt finds below. 

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