Sunday, July 9, 2017


Where, oh where has the time gone? Summer is flying by and I'm trying to hold on to every second. We've been spending a lot of time at the beach house, and I feel like a different person when I'm there. It's pretty much across the Intracoastal from where I live now, but for some reason, every day life doesn't seem quite so monotonous when I'm there. I think part of that is due to how much time I used to spend there with my sweet grandmother, so the memories seem sweeter when I'm there.

Life is super busy these days, too. We've actually stayed put in Wilmington for the last couple of weeks, but time certainly hasn't slowed down! Here's a look at a little life lately.

Life Lately ::

+Wedding Season: In August of 2017, it seemed like we had so much time to go until the "year of the weddings" officially kicked off. But now, we have one underway - I was the MOH in my best friend's wedding two weeks ago - and now, I get to stand by another best friend this weekend as she says I do! And then... three weeks later, it will be our turn! I just want time to slow down just a tiny bit!

+ Job Changes: This Thursday is my last full-time day of my current job, which is so crazy. Life as I know it is about to change in so many ways, but this one is huge. No longer will I be headed into an 8-5 -- instead, I'll be running my own business which is so exciting but so scary all at the same time!

+ Shop ZIA: We have begun renovations for ZIA! Last Friday, the mirrors came down (it was a fitness studio prior to my lease), and next up is new flooring, lots of cabinetry, and a lot of paint. A lot of my inventory will also begin shipping this week which is so crazy. I can't wait to see everything in person! I also am teaching myself so many things at the moment - so if you have experience on the back-end side of retail, I'm all ears.  I'd also love if you follow us on Instagram! @ShopZIABoutique 

Purchased Lately:

+ Swimsuits: Over 4th of July weekend, I snagged a few new suits from Target. This year, Target is carrying a brand called Swim and Shore and I loved so many of the pieces! I snagged this top and matching bottom plus this one (plus a few other options) to mix and match. I also have my eye on a few from Revolve and Nordstrom for our honeymoon.

+ Skin Care: At the end of last summer after our Bahamas trip, I started developing malasma on my upper lip. This was my first experience with it and I really was not doing anything different with my routine (no new skin regiment, medicine, etc.). I am adamant about wearing sunscreen and wear makeup with sunscreen it as well, but after last week's fun in the sun, I can tell the malasma is creeping its way back again. I purchased a few products today in hopes it will help. TO protect, I bought CeraVe's Invisible Zinc Face Lotion with SPF 50. I'm hoping it'll give the protection my face seems to need. To help the damage, I bought Murad's Rapid Skin Repair serum. Does anyone has issues with this? If so, what are you using? 

Loving Lately ::

+ More Swim: I really want some fun suits to pack on our honeymoon. I have been careful so far this summer with only wearing strapless swimsuits to avoid tan lines for the wedding - but after August 5th, I want all the fun tops!

+ Sneakers: I've started a new routine where I've been walking every morning (it's been a great jump start to my day) and though I have loved my Nike's, I think it's time for a new pair of tennis shoes. I've heard great things about these, and for the price, I'm thinking I might check them out.

+ Summer Wardrobe: There are so many cute pieces out this season and I want one of everything! Everywhere I go, I see something I think I need...

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