Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Saying Yes to the Dress

It's been an exciting few days of wedding things! Last week, I was able to pick up my wedding dress and see my veil for the first time, and this week, I had my bridal portraits done with the fab Kate Supa! I can't wait to see them, and even more, I can't wait for August 5th when I get to walk down the aisle to Stephen in my dress.

My wedding dress shopping experience was such an easy one, and I know I'm fortunate in saying that. I think so much of that had to do with the fact that I went shopping so early in our engagement, so I wasn't pressured into finding a dress because I had a lot of time if my shopping trip didn't work out. Mom and I had talked about taking a trip to New York or Atlanta to shop, but before we did that, I wanted to check out a few of the bridal boutiques that are in Wilmington. I made two appointments about two weeks after we got engaged, and my sister, mom, one of my Matrons of Honor and one of my bridesmaids went along for the day. 

At the first shop, I found a dress that I thought I loved. I tried on a variety of things - strapless, high neck, cap sleeve and ballgown, mermaid, and a-line. At the first store, the dress I thought I found was gorgeous, but I decided to go to the next appointment just to be safe. At Coastal Knot, I met with consultant Kirsten and she had pulled dresses based on my Pinterest board, which was awesome. I told her that I had found a dress earlier in the day that I really loved, and she showed me one that was similar. As soon as she pulled it off the rack, I knew it could potentially be the one. I ended up narrowing it down to the dress we purchased and another that I absolutely loved as well, but when I had on a veil, saw the look on my friends' and family's faces, and looked in the mirror, I knew that was it! 

One tip I have for a bride searching for her dress? Never say never. I picked out the exact wedding dress that I never said I would wear. So stay opened-minded! You just never know what you may fall in love with!
I also can't say enough about Coastal Knot Bridal and the team there. From start to finish, the wedding dress process has been seamless. From picking out my dress to alterations to creating a custom veil, they were able to do everything in house, which made it super easy for this bride. If you're local to the North Carolina area or just passing through, I would highly recommend at least stopping in.

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