Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: All the Updates

Happy Wednesday and Happy March! Today is also National Wedding Planning Day (who know that was a thing?!) so it's the perfect day to share a few updates of where we are in the wedding planning process. I was so on top of things at the very beginning, but as of late, everything has plateaued and I've been taking a break. I've realized the past few weeks I need to step it up again though because the last 6 months have flown by.

A few things we've crossed off the list:

Booked florist | We have a few things we need to add to the floral plan but we have at least booked our florist and have a vision of how the day will look. 

Chosen a bakery | thanks for all of the recommendations for wedding cakes! We opted for Whole Foods as a friend of mine shared her cake and it was absolutely stunning and exactly what I was wanting aesthetic wise. We tasted a variety of cupcakes and loved all of them, so both Stephen and I felt confident about going with Whole Foods instead of a traditional wedding cake baker.

Bachelorette and Bachelor party booked | this was done awhile back but I don't know if I ever shared the details! I am having a joint bachelorette party with two of my best friends who are also getting married this summer. We are heading to Nashville for Memorial Day weekend and there will be about 20 of us! I am beyond excited. Stephen has combined his with a friend of ours who is getting married as well and they are heading to Austin, Texas.

Looked at wedding bands | Stephen and I have looked at wedding bands a couple of times and both found pieces that we love. We decided that we knew each other's favorites so we would each make the deciding factor and that way it's a little bit of a surprise!

Booked stylists | I am very excited about the amazing beauty team we have for the big day!

A few things I need to do ASAP:
  • Finalize ceremony musicians: for some reason, I have just not been able to commit to this so I need to get this done right away.
  • Finalize invitations: I shared invitation inspiration here and we have proofs of what we are going to be getting but I haven't committed. I want something timeless and classic (don't be expecting anything super bold from me haha - I ended up going a very traditional route), but I need to go ahead and order.
  • Schedule first fitting: I am having my bridal portraits done in May - my sweet photographer is having a baby in June so we figured we should probably go ahead and get those done + it's so hot in the summer here - so I need to get on that right away.
  • Wedding diet: Y'all. Help a girl out - I am so bad about healthy food. I love vegetables but don't love plain grilled chicken so finding quick and easy recipes has been a challenge. Care to share?
  • Tuxes for the Gents: We have been putting this one off, too. Stephen and I have found photos of the vibe we're going for but we haven't actually picked them out. This is an extra ASAP task. 
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