Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Beauty Favorites

For the most part, my makeup and skincare routine stays fairly the same year round, but when the seasons change, I do often switch out products from time to time. I've started using a few new things over the last couple of months that I can't get enough of! I thought I would share my night and day time beauty routines that are currently in place.

Nighttime Routine ||

Daily Cleansing Pad | I've been using these for years thanks to my mom, and I love that they are soft on one side to wipe away makeup but textured on the other to help with exfoliation.

Cleansing Balm | Though the cleansing pads are my go-to, I also use this cleansing balm from itCosmetics with a face brush. I feel like when my face needs a good scrub, the pads work the best but the balm definitely does a great job at getting my makeup off. 

Hydra Firm Sleeping Cream | Y'all - I love this stuff! I've mentioned before that I've played around with a variety of moisturizers trying to find what works best for my skin. It wasn't until this time last year that I realized I was more dry than oily so finding a moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling hydrated without looking oily was a must for me. I use this at night (and sometimes a dab under my makeup) and I love how my skin feels when I wake up.

Vitamin C Serum | This product was in a swagbag at last year's Create & Cultivate conference. It sat in a drawer untouched for months before I finally decided to give it a try and now I use it almost every night. I really do think this is making a difference in the brightness of my skin and I use it across my neck as well.

Daytime Routine ||

Primer Water | I love this stuff! It's oil free, so it leaves my skin feeling dewy and refreshed before I start piling on the makeup. I've also used it as a midday refresher as well. I love watching makeup tutorials and Lindsey Regan Thorne was sharing one on her InstaStories one morning - I sent her a message about a few questions I had and she recommended a primer spray (she recommends MAC's Prep & Prime) - such a great suggestion because it's great!

HD Primer | Though the primer water is my favorite, sometimes my skin needs a little bit more love before my makeup, so I use this HD primer. I love that this is an affordable alternative to the Smashbox version. I've used both and honestly can't tell a difference.

DoubleWear Foundation | This foundation is my forever go-to! I love it because it layers so well and if I actually take the time to put it on well and blend, it lasts all throughout the day. I use Desert Beige in winter and Ivory Beige in the summer.

Undereye Concealer | Another itCosmetics favorite! I actually put this on top of my foundation and then blend and will even use it as a highlighter, since I use the Light shade. I love it because it blends so well but gives your face a brightness that sometimes a flat foundation doesn't offer.

Bronzer | My go-to for forever! I've been using this same compact for at least a year and a half and still have so much of it left, and it's a product I pretty much use every day. My shade is Natural. 

Blush | I use a blush palette from Estee Lauder that I've had forever - I love it because it offers three shades that I blend together. It's no longer available, but this palette has colors that are almost exact to what I use. This is another great duo option because you can choose a duo to blend that works best for your complexion!

Shimmer Brick | I love the effect that this brick gives! I will dust over my cheek bones and sometimes over the bridge of my nose and it gives this perfect irridescent effect without looking too shimmery. I use Nectar.

What are your go-to products? I'm always open to suggestions!

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