Monday, January 23, 2017

SS Home: Living Room Inspiration

Now that my house has been put back together from our forced renovation from a water leak, I've been wanting to make it feel truly like home. I currently live in a rental house that my parents own, and for awhile, I just used everything from my apartments instead of buying new things to decorate because I wasn't sure where Stephen and I would end up living. The leak required a new couch sooner than later, so we ended up purchasing this one plus the love seat as one of our first big purchases together. 

I also wasn't sure where we would be living when we got married, so I didn't want to put a lot of effort into decorating until I knew what we would be doing. It's still not 100%, but we're leaning towards him moving in after we get married and staying put for a bit until we find a house we're in love with and in the area we want to be. Now that we've worked toward that decision, I've been wanting to do more decorating with Stephen, so slowly but surely, I've been finding things to make the house feel more cozy. 

I absolutely love whites and neutrals - Stephen says I would live in a cloud if I could - but he prefers dark woods. I was actually surprised that he liked our nailhead sofa, but it's certainly a lot larger than my old one, which makes for a cozier living room. We are going to have to compromise on our decorating, and I've been warming up to darker woods and colors other than just white & beige. I absolutely love the above living room as inspiration and I think it's a good compromise for both of our styles. 

I've knocked a few things off the list, but as we get closer to August 5th, I want to make a few purchases and updates.

Already completed:
- Engagement photos hung
- Hallway canvases hung
- Couch purchased

To-Do List/Wants:
- New dining room table (eventually...)
- China cabinet
- Hang living room curtains
- New lamps
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

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