Friday, January 27, 2017


Loving Lately:
Best new shoes - I mentioned last week that I had ordered these tennis shoes. If you're looking for a neutral pair - you need them! I am in love. 

Resort - It may be chilly out but I will admit I'm dreaming of warm beaches and pretty dresses. Check out the Resort tab under Shop or click here to shop beautiful warm-weather looks.

Sweater weather - How adorable is this sweater? I love the cross-over look and it's under $50.

Life Lately:
Ski trip - today, we're heading up to Sugar Mountain for a quick weekend ski trip! I'm excited, but a little nervous because I'm not good. At all. If only you saw the videos Stephen took of me last  year. They may be candidates for a YouTube sensation... (yes, they are that bad).

Invisalign - Thursday marked my first day (of two years) of Invisalign. I grew up in orthodontics but my teeth were never fully corrected from braces and then I stopped wearing my retainer, which has resulted in my teeth shifting. It's not super noticeable and most people comment that my teeth are straight, but they are pushing out a bit and something I had become very self-conscious about. I'm excited to see the results!

    Questions Lately:
    Where did you get your koozies from your engagement party? I actually designed them myself (the one thing my mom let me help with) but ordered them from I would highly recommend! This is the second time I've used them and so far, it's been a good experience.

    My friend just got engaged and I want to get her a little something - any suggestions? A friend of mine gave me this ring dish and I love it! Another friend gave me the Southern Weddings wedding planner and a copy of the magazine and that was a perfect gift, too!

    Reading Lately:
    Girl Boss: There's a lot happening in life lately, and I love these truths about being a #GirlBoss.

    Must Reads: Can you tell I'm on a kick here? But seriously, I need to be taking more time to read and all of these books seem like great options. 

    Getting those Steps: My job keeps me at a desk more often than not throughout the day. I need to be a lot better about getting up and moving around. Check out these tips to help you get those 10,000 steps.

    SS Lately:
    The Wanted List
    SS Home: Living Room Inspiration

    As always, feel free to leave your questions in the comments or shoot me an email:

    P.S. Looking for some easy, healthy recipes for the wedding diet! I would love some suggestions!

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