Monday, July 18, 2016

White Top

Happy Monday! It's hard to believe this week is here - I have a big work event coming up on Thursday and Friday, and it seems like I should still have a month away to prepare. I know I'll be all over the place this week, but I'm really looking forward to it - and just hope that everything goes well!

I snagged this top and these shoes over the weekend during a shopping trip with one of my best friends. She came into town for the day and we gave up on hanging out at the pool when the sun wouldn't come out and it started drizzling. Of course, by the time we had gotten ready, the sun was back out, but it's still fun to go shopping with your best friend. I also introduced her to Surf Berry's acai bowls - I could seriously eat these every single day. So good!

I also spent Sunday cleaning my house. Not the most ideal way to spend the weekend but it will be so nice to wake up tomorrow morning and not have piles of laundry to do or floors to be vacuumed. This week will also be spent preparing for vacation! We are going out of town for the day on Saturday for an engagement party for friends, but then early Monday morning, my family is headed to the Bahamas and I can't wait! That's a big reason I snagged these shoes - I have several outfits that they will work great with. P.S. Bevello has so many great things right now. If you have one in your area, I would highly recommend checking it out. I wouldn't even let myself try on this romper because I knew it would have to come home with me. 

Cheers to a great week!


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