Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thoughts During My First Pure Barre Platform Class


A couple of weeks ago, I finally took a Pure Barre Platform class. I've been going to Pure Barre for about 8 months but I had yet to try the platform class that had been introduced into the schedule. Platform includes just that - a platform in which you step off and on and utilize throughout the class in various ways. The movements are a lot bigger than in a normal barre class and there is definitely a harder cardio element added in. I checked with my veteran barre friends to get their opinions and the thoughts were mixed - some loved it while others preferred their normal barre class.

I decided to give it a try, and my overall consensus was that I like it! It is harder in some ways but a lot of that has to do with how fast-paced the class is. These were the thoughts that were going on while I was all over the place during platform.

"Oh, new warmup. This is fun."

"Totally got this."

"Whoa, this is fast."

"Girls were right. Should've brought a towel. I'm already sweating."

"Oh, new arms. Yes."

"Wait... double time? How do you even move your arms that fast?"

"Is anyone else laughing at how they look right now?"

"Oh, more double time."

"Why didn't I wear my FitBit? #CalorieGoals"

"Should I move the platform closer?"

"Oh no, too close."

"More double time."

"Next move, thank goodness."

"This is such a great playlist! I need to remember to ask the instructor what song this is."

"I think I like this better than normal thigh sprints."

"Just kidding."

"Jump? I might hit my face on the mirror."

"Totally got the hang of this flying thing. This is fun!"

"This is kind of like ballet."

"Yes, girl, yes. Point that foot."

"Oops, spoke to soon."

"How is double time even possible right now?"

"Dunkin' Donuts is right out that window. Drive-through after class?"

"How many calories are in a caramel iced coffee?"

"Wait, what just happened? Shouldn't have been thinking about coffee."

"Ugh, platform is too close again. Should've never moved it."

"There's no way I'm doing this right. I feel like a jungle animal."

"I kind of miss the 'up an inch, down an inch' for seat."

"Actually I kind of like this."

"I have to move my seat how fast?"

"Time for abs. Wonder how we're going to do this?"

"Oh no, I don't have the little red ball for the lower back pain..."

"Final seat exercise. Great."

"These final two minutes are going really slow."

"She'll say 'Final 10' any minute now..."

"Any minute now..."

"Final 10! Let's do this!"

"YES! Time to stretch!"

"What was that song again?"

"Will I be able to walk tomorrow?"

"Is everyone else this sweaty?"

"When's the next platform class?"
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