Wednesday, May 25, 2016

All the Things: 25

Today is my 25th birthday! Turning 25 on the 25th also means it's my golden year - not sure what that means exactly, but here's to hoping that a quarter of a century is a good one! Birthdays always remind me how thankful I am for my friends and family. For lunch today, my sweet grandparents are taking me out, and then tonight I'm celebrating with my family and Stephen tonight. This weekend, I have friends who will be in town to celebrate. The forecast isn't looking all too good at the moment, so fingers crossed for absolutely beautiful weather for this Memorial Day weekend! So today, I'm sharing 25 random things: summer pieces I love, random facts about me, favorite links, and more.

10 Random Facts |
  • I used to beg my mom to change my name to Elizabeth. She obviously refused.
  • This was my very first "style" post on Southern Style - taken in 1 minute with an iPhone. The cropping, the HDR...You're welcome.
  • I would love to publish a novel one day.
  • I have to light a candle when I clean my room. This one is my favorite. 
  • Zelle is already a short name to have a nickname for, but my friends often call me Z or Zia. 
  • I absolutely love interior design and interned with Liz Carroll Interiors when I first graduated from college.
  • I am a Realtor. 
  • I'm really weird about texture - food, touching something, etc. For instance, I refuse to eat a hot dog because #texture. Pretty sure it drives my family and Stephen crazy.
  • I love taking photos - follow my photography Instagram here
  • I've been doing Pure Barre since October, and I still haven't managed to reach 100 classes. Hoping to complete that one by July!

5 Things I Can't Get Enough Of |
  • I have a very strange obsession with flamingos. I found this adorable flamingo birthday party on Pinterest, only to realize it was for a two year-old. 
  • I have a major obsession with Grey's Anatomy. The fact that season 12 is over is a little saddening and though I haven't loved all the drama surrounding Callie as of late, I am so sad she won't be a part of Grey's anymore!
  • Summer days with my family, friends, and Stephen - this time of year is my absolute favorite.
  • Peonies, peonies and more peonies.
  • My sweet Sophie pup.

5 Summer Items I'm Loving |
  • This CC cream - I wear it as a base for my everyday makeup (sometimes on it's own) and it's perfect for a pool or beach day as it has SPF 50. P.S. I wear "light."
  • This swim top - I've shared it before and it is seriously my favorite. I have it in a couple of prints and seriously wear it way too much. It is also on sale with the code SAVE40SWIM.
  • These shorts - I bought them to wear for my birthday on Saturday and I know I'll be wearing them all summer long. Loving the style and the print!
  • These sunglasses | I love a new pair of sunglasses, and these will be a staple in these warmer months {and year-round}. I chose the tortoise-shell polarized version to keep my eyes protected from the summer sun. 
  • This jumpsuit | I've been looking for a simple black jumpsuit and I love this one. And it's under $40!

5 Most-Viewed Southern Style Posts | I found this interesting - some of my favorite posts are not what readers liked the most!
  • Hillary Says Yes: A Surprise Proposal | this one does not surprise me at all - we had so many friends that shared this post and it's definitely one of my favorites as well!
  • Barre to Brunch | not to surprised on this one either! All the posts I've done on Pure Barre have been in the top 15 of my most-viewed posts.
  • Minted | This one is surprising. I liked the outfit and the French Connection top is a favorite, but it's definitely not even in my top 25 favorite posts. There was a giveaway, but there wasn't a large participation in that so it's still interesting as to why so many people viewed this one. 
  • Sunned | Another interesting choice! Definitely not one I would choose as a favorite.
  • Mother's Day with High Strung | I do love this one. I loved having my sweet mama on the blog so having this in the top 5 is no surprise!

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