Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Wanted List

Wanted List
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FYI - my wanted list keeps growing and growing. I told myself I wasn't going to do as much online shopping in January, but it certainly has happened. I have some major purchases on my list -- like a new laptop (I'm thinking MacBook!). Though I've always loved shopping, blogging has only furthered my love for pretty pieces, and I need to reign it in a bit. So for today, just dream a little bit.
  • This gorgeous green lace top is less than $50, so I may find this in my suitcase for Create + Cultivate.
  • This leather jacket is definitely a splurge, but a girl can dream, yes?
  • I bought these shoes in black, but how gorgeous is this neutral version!
  • Tassels + color? Rebecca Minkoff can do no wrong.
  • Sharing a casual open-back look featuring this sweater very soon, but how gorgeous would this bralette look with it?

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